Nussle @ GOP State Convention

Room went dark.  Only light is my laptop.  Now, video screens are showing a video of Nussle.  Clips of Nussle speaking.  "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next governor of the state of Iowa…."  lights come up — as music plays.  It’s a coujtry song.  I don’t recognize it. (UPDATE: Maria Comella from JN camp says Better Life by Keith Urban.  I went to see him at the State Fair last summer, just didn’t recognize that song.)

Now, typed notes of speech ahead:

Nussle at mic: Good morning, Iowa.  Mr. Chairman and delegates, thank you so much I am honored by your overwh support and your prayers and I accept your nomination.  Friends, I’m running to lead.  I want to energize Iowa and we can do it together.  You’ve provided me and you’ve provided our party with a valued counselor…He’s a husband, he’s a dad and he’s a good friend of mine and that is your next lt gov BVP.  I also want to thank my wife Karen.  If it wasn’t for her love and support…we couldn’t do it successfully.  She is a college professor, a Republican college professor…and she will make a great first lady.  Karen Nussle.  applause.  44 years ago today, over in the little church next to Grandview College in DSM, my parents got married and they’re here today.  Let’s wish thiem a happy anniversary.  Friends the D nominee for governor in the last debate of the primary said and I quote the focus of this election should be on beating JN — I reject that.  The focus you want is to be on Iowa.  I’m honored to  be the nominee and I want to share with you some of our positive ideas.  Five clear strategies…If we’re going to get that new attitude.  One — we must set the standard in Iowa for world class education.  We will create high expectations for students…We will invest in teachers but make sure funding gets down to that classroom.  Iowa will lead in education again in America.  Strategy two: we must energize Iowa’s biz climate and grow economy from within.  My plan opens Iowa for biz again by lowering taxes and cutting regulations.  With JNBVP IA will be open for business.  Three:  energize quality health care.  My plan lowers health care costs but expands insurance coverage, promotes wellness.  Four — clean up scandals and ensure better management of state govt.  Whistleblowers – work with Auditor in uncovering this terriible scandal.  Make no mistake about it with JN & BVP Iowa will again have management in state government.  Five — work on quality of life.  Most important.  It’s our qual of life that is the attraction of Iowa.  Too many going to retire outside.  We can no longer sit on our hands.  I will no longer allow our qual of life to be taken for granted becausre we don’t have mountains, huge metro areas, but we have great people and a great qual of life.  Fantastic opp to sell education as a destination.  I believe if we do that Iowa will be attractive again.  It’s the reason why I am proudly pro-life and believe that Iowa supports a culture of life.  It’s the reason why constitutional amendment on marriage.  Friends, our ciminal justice system needs a rescue mission…i will respect and I will protect your proeperty rights in this state.  Friends, this has to include you.  We can’t do it ourselves.  If we are to succeeed…I think good ideas need to be heard.  I’m not vestige of all ideas.  We’ve heard some wonderful stories on how we can move our state forward and I wanted to figure out a way to make that come alive so I’ve launched 99ideas website.  screen shot up on video screens in room —  A clearinghouse.  We’ve only just begun but we’ve already gotten a couple.  Hear a couple along the way — now they’re playing some of them.   ^You’re used to having people come to town to do a fundraiswer.  Wouldn’t you like people to come to town to do an ideas raiser?  Friends, elections are about choices, and Iowans this year are going to have a very clear choice when it comes to governor.  Chet Culver says he wants more of the progress that’s been happening under the leadership of TV.  Have you had enough of that progress?  When bureaucracy of ed is taking up so much more money kids aren’t getting resources and the answer continues to be let’s throw more money with no results?  Iowa, have you had enough?  WhenMt P loses Blue Bird, Web City loses Electrolux, when Newton loses Maytag and answer is let’s let governor pick more winners and losers and two days ago…Centerville jobs lost, TV was in NH running for president — Iowa have you had enough?  When cost of health care rising faster than cost of gasoline…40 counties you cannot find doctor willing to deliver baby, I’ve got to ask you Iowa, have you had enough? JN refers to prison escape, death of Evelyn Miller, felon voting rights and eminent domain and Culver says he’d do the same.  How ’bout a Sec of State who can’t count votes.  Lottery commision puts slot machines on every corner.  "Iowa, have you had enough?" crowd finally says "yes" in response.  A teenager can go out and get a tattoo at mall, but she doesn’t need that permission to have an abortion.  Tax laws chasing seniors and businesses out.  If it’s true that every day we continue to lose our best and brightst young people like Minneapolis — have you had enough?  Our great state cannot afford let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope things get better.  I am not satisfied with an average Iowa and I don’t think you should be satisied.  I have had enough.  I am ready to lead and I ask for your support ih order to be the next governor of the state of Iowa.  standing O.  "Sounds like you have had enough  We had 143 days to get the job done. After next week, the days are going to be shorter.  Keep making phone calls, put out yard signs.  Talk to peopole.  If you’re sick and tired of commercials, write your own.  Spread the word about we have had enough.  We want to energize Iowa’s future.  Together we will energize Iowa’s futuure.  You and I we will energize Iowa’s future and the best days in Iowa are definitely still coming.

Music:  "Best Days are Coming."

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