Judge @ Demo State Convention

Hmmm. No music.  Some in crowd chanting "Chet."

The chair recognizes the delegate from Polk County: Chester J Culver.

"Mr. Chairman, I move to nominate Patty Judge of Albia as Lt Gov by acclimation."  Now, PJ is introduced and they play "I was born in a small town" by JCMelloncamp. 

Tom Vilsack takes back the mic:  Folks I have just one piece of business.  I am concerned about opp to be well-financed.  Frankly, I wish we had public financing.  I’ve spent several months raising cash for campaign….today I deliver two checks — from DGA $500,000.  from Heartland PAC $100,000 check and a promise to have future installments.  We’re going to make sure this campaign is well-financed.

PJ next at mic:  Thank you so much.  I’m honored.  I am so proud to have the opp to serve as the runningmate of the man who will be the next D gov of the state.  Now, I have often heard CC speak of being fortunate of having two great partners.  I am the fortunate one to be the runningmate of CC and Iowa Ds are fortunate to have a man like Chet who is ready to lead Iowa forward.  He is going to be a great gov.  Nearly 15 years ago I left my comfort zone of being a rural mother, wife, farmer, biz person because i believed that economic opp was just not happening and it was time to step up.  Since then, I’ve been senator & sec of ag.  I’ve always tried to speak clearly…I’m an Iowan who has lived through devastation caused by GOP politics in WDC…We cannot let our state go back to a leader in the DC crowd.  CC has a vision for Iowa that is based on our strengths:  ed, ag, manufacturing.  He understands that many of us need a champion.  Minimum wage has not been raised in 16 years.  Losing jobs with plant closings.  High ed costs and health care costs and those of us who are woman and understand the struggle to be treated equally, particuarly in health care decisions that we make.  He will listen to all Iowans.  He will work all day, every day to do the best possible job he can I am excited to join in this campaign for gov.  I have never been known for being soft-spoken or shy — I have a bit of a rep for being a scrapper.  CC and I plan to run a campaign that is based on issues and ideas.  but if N and VP try to run a Karl Rove type slash and burn campaign with lies and distortions we will be ready with something they are not used to — the truth about their record.  And i’ll tell you something else the entire D party is going to be with us.  Now I want to briefly acknoweldge my family…my 84-year-old parents are delegates.  Chet, I want to thank you again for honor of serving beside you and on behalf of CC, I want to thank you for the help you have given us.  For your belief in us, for your dedication to us.  We could not have done it without you.  I want you to stand up and make some noise — the next D gov of state of Iowa — CC.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.