First evening in New Hampshire

Landed in New Hampshire a few hours ago, met this evening with Kiki McLean, Vilsack’s point person here. I sat around a table in a nothing-to-write-home-about restaurant with Ms. McLean & other reporters here to cover Vilsack in NH– the Cedar Rapids Gazette’s James Q. Lynch and Thomas Beaumont & Travis Craven of the Des Moines Register. 

  • McLean told us that tonight Vilsack met privately with folks in Concord and Bedford, New Hampshire.  Tomorrow Vilsack begins with an appearance at a New Hampshire event that wound up being mimicked in the West Wing.  Read up on the "politics and eggs" event at this link.  McLean told us Vilsack will sign the wooden egg to kick the deal off.  I’ll have to find out if its akin to kissing the blarney stone or having your picture up in the Taste of Thailand (the Taste was an eatery on the east side in DSM that was a stopping point for presidential wannabees in 1987/88).
  • Mid-morning tomorrow Vilsack will visit the Stoneyfield Farm (a yogurt-making mecca, I’m told) and will face questions from New Hampshire reporters before being spirited away for a private luncheon arranged by the company CEO. 
  • Vilsack will meet privately with AFL leaders after the luncheon.

I’ll post a dispatch as soon as I’m able tomorrow.

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