Quick bit about “Jimmy” Nussle

I remember a few campaign cycles back when a Democrat named Donna Smith ran against Congressman Jim Nussle.  Smith would repeatedly refer to him at public events as "Jimmy Nussle" and I recall how GOP types were outraged by her "lack of respect."

Well, Congressman Nussle is taking a page from Donna Smith’s playbook in the first two days of the general election campaign.  Nussle does not refer to his opponent as "Secretary Culver" but as "Chet Culver" — and in at least two instances has referred to him as just "Chet" when making statements to reporters. 

Chet — I hope you’ll allow me to refer to him by his first name —  did refer to his opponent as "Congressman Nussle" and "Jim Nussle" in statements made over the past two days.  Perhaps a measure of the heat of this race will be if Culver lets loose with a "Jimmy" somewhere down the line.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. If Nussle was calling Culver “Chettie,” then I could see your comparison. I think you’re overreaching here.

  2. I think Nussle should call him Chester, but that’s just me.

  3. Anonymous says

    If I were Culver I would call him “Republican Congressman Nussle” every single time. That’s about the biggest insult you can give him.