Culver’s first general election event

Camp Culver met with the Iowa Democratic Party staff to make some notes on Chet Culver’s first official general election event — that "unity" rally at the statehouse.

  • Note #1:  It would have been good to actually "show" some unity.  Mike Blouin and Ed Fallon were standing nowhere near Culver in the line-up on the statehouse steps. There was never a shot for the cameras of all three together, let alone a shot with the three with Governor Vilsack.  Talk about a missed opportunity.
  • Note #2:  Next time, somebody wear a watch or flip open their cell and check the time.  The event started 15 minutes late.
  • Note #3:  Tell Chet not to clear his throat at the end of every line that generates applause.  If you listen to the radio coverage, you’ll hear that throat-clearing as the applause is fading after Culver speaks. 
  • Note #4:  Tell Mike Gronstal that at the next rally he can’t speak even longer than the combined run-time of the speeches from Ed Fallon & Mike Blouin.
  • Note #5:  Next time we have a thing like this on the statehouse grounds, maybe the governor could ask the state workers not to use the power equipment during the event.  Oh, maybe that was a disgruntled AFSCME member unhappy with Blouin’s loss to Culver.   That explains it.
  • Note #6:  Does anyone get that "Windy City Tom" reference on that handout the Republicans were giving reporters beforehand?  Maybe we should call the GOP and tell them Vilsack’s from Pittsburg, not Chicago.   
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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Anonymous says

    I think they meant “windy” as in wind-up toys. Have you ever tried to drive in pittsburg? It’s terrible!

  2. robert zarek says

    why does chet culver think that he should use our pension money for start up businessin iowa ?apparently they cant qualify in the regular methods.he can use his own money not my pension.