Nussle’s first general election event


Post-it notes found at Nussle campaign headquarters after this morning’s news conference in downtown Des Moines, held on the grass in front of the Des Moines Area Community College campus administration building:

  • Note #1:  Don’t schedule news conference in flight path of "air ambulance" helicopters
  • Note #2:  Don’t schedule news conference along busy city street.  Bad mufflers, honking & truck gear-shifting drown out sound of candidate speaking
  • Note #3:  (Bob!)  Don’t knock over WHO-TV microphone right after you accuse rival Chet Culver of not being ready for prime time
  • Note #4: Check with Republican legislators about state law that requires school funding be set one-year in advance.  (We may have just had Jim promise to "go further" — oops!)
  • Note #5. Remind Bob not to criticize Chet right after Jim says "I think it’s important to talk about issues and not just talk about the other fella."
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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.