Pataki’s back; doesn’t plan to get burrito again

New York Governor George Pataki is back in Iowa, helping some GOP candidates for the statehouse raise a little cash and speaking at a couple of Memorial Weekend ceremonies. He’ll be delivering the commencement address for Des Moines University on Saturday morning, but he’ll begin his Saturday at the Des Moines Farmers Market.

Pataki first visited the event last summer, during the National Governors Association meeting in Des Moines and he just revealed to me in a telephone interview that yes, he stood in line to get a breakfast burrito. For those who frequent the Farmers Market along Court Avenue in Des Moines, you will be familiar with the popular food item. I shy away from endorsements, but I, too, have stood in line to get a breakfast burrito a few times and endorse this product.

When I asked Pataki if he would be repeating the breakfast burrito experience this weekend, Pataki said he’d be trying something new. “I’ve got to try something different,” Pataki said.

Then, since it occured to me that Pataki has a good stretch of Canadian border, I asked Pataki his take on the immigration issue. Just like governors in southern states, Pataki, too, is spending state resources to patrol/guard the border. He also pointed out that folks often forget four of the hijackers on 9/11 got into the US by coming in illegally over that Canadian border.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.