Fallon: The Thinker?

I went to church yesterday and hung out a little bit before the service. People were talking about the debate, about the gubernatorial race (one of the things about being a political reporter is people want to talk politics with you in every venue you enter).  I ran into just a couple of people who had watched the debate.  Most had seen a story about it on TV or read about it in the newspaper.  The group I chatted with who intend to vote in the Democratic primary seem generally flummoxed about what to do.  The Republicans are giddy that they do not have a primary, and have a candidate who can raise the kind of money it takes to wage a statewide campaign.

The ThinkerOne person talked about the favorable impression they had of Ed Fallon based just on seeing him on TV.  It reminded me of a candidate forum hosted in March by the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.  Afterwards I chatted with the business types in the audience and with the ABI staff.  The general consensus was they liked Fallon the best (although they wouldn’t be voting for him) because he actually answered the questions posed.  Fallon doesn’t have the paid consultants telling him what to say.  Fallon listens to the question and then more often than not answers it.  As the ABI folks said, you may not agree with the answer but you like the fact Fallon directly answers your question.

The Register debate this past Saturday was a bit more genteel that past "joint appearances" but Fallon drew the most laughs.  Fallon has one TV ad that is a bit humorous, but while he had the potential he hasn’t reached the humor of Wellstone & Ventura campaigns in Minnesota.  Maybe that’s for the best.  Is Iowa ready for Fallon as Rodin’s "The Thinker"?  I would hope his campaign would photo-shop his head on the statue rather than have Fallon in a painted birthday suit, winking at the camera.

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