Hello, Bayh

I sat down this afternoon for a quick chat with Indiana Senator Evan Bayh.  His staff had done some prepping, so Bayh walked into the interview and remarked on the fact that I was born on Election Day.  Bayh then shared that his twins were born on Election Day, too, a news event which 10 years ago eclipsed the re-election of Indiana’s governor for premiere front-page space in Indiana newspapers.   I did ask — Bayh’s birthday is December 26.  He shared that as a child his parents made an effort to parcel gifts out on both Christmas and his birthday, but Bayh noted that he always found himself equipped with a wider array of winter-wear – gloves, hats, mufflers – than was the norm.

Bayh plans to run (literally, as in exercise) in downtown Des Moines later this afternoon before headlining a party fundraiser in Des Moines tonight.  Then he helps two western Iowa Democrats running for re-election to the House raise money tomorrow before a party fundraiser Saturday night in Sioux City.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.